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Bringing Life to Rural Honduras through Beekeeping

BEE A Life-Changer

Growing up as “the beekeeper’s daughter,” honeybees have always played a central role in my life. For myself and my family, beekeeping has been a means of income, a world of exploration, and a passion to pursue. Yet, as important of a role as beekeeping has played in my own life, I was surprised to discover just how life-giving it can be to others worldwide.

World Renew—a non-profit organization committed to long-term world and community renewal— has sought to transform broken communities in Honduras since 1974. This agriculturally-dependent society is often tormented by unpredictable rains, resulting in failed corn and bean crops that prevent many rural farmers from providing for their families. For over a decade, these Honduran farmers have dreamed of supplementing their meager incomes and food supplies by learning how to keep bees. Now these small communities are reaching out to World Renew and asking for their help.

I have watched World Renew successfully use local resources and teachers to help other needy communities learn sustainable beekeeping practices. Today those farmers take pride in independently providing for their families. For this reason I enthusiastically believe that with the support of others, like you, who share my passion for beekeeping, we can use beekeeping to change the lives of these impoverished families in Honduras as well!

Together we will:
• Train and equip 18 families in 3 communities to start beekeeping micro-enterprises
• Help Honduran beekeeping professionals provide intensive training on hive management
• Offer 3 years of technical assistance and coaching to these beekeepers
• Benefit an estimated 90 people from the additional income and improved livelihoods
• Provide unique opportunities for the women of these communities to generate income
• Encourage beneficiaries of this project to establish a new hive and pay-it-forward to a new producer

I strongly encourage you to pray for this Honduran community and to thoughtfully consider supporting World Renew’s beekeeping efforts there with a financial gift. If together we raise just $14,300 we can use beekeeping to bring new life to these small communities.

Your gift not only speaks of your passion for honey bees, but also helps rewrite the stories of impoverished families across the globe. Thank you for BEEing a life-changer!

Mariellen Hofland
World Renew Volunteer

*** World Renew is an IRS approved 501(c)3 charity with nearly 60 years of experience. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.



raised of $14,300 goal

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