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Rohingya Crisis

On August 25 extreme violence erupted against Rohingya families in Myanmar. Many Rohingya people have reported that they fled for safety after seeing innocent neighbors killed, or homes and fields set on fire. This violence has forced over 600,000 people to flee across the border into Bangladesh.

World Renew, in partnership with members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Integral Alliance, and the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh, is responding immediately by providing life-saving food assistance to Rohingya families. By mobilizing assistance right away, World Renew will ensure that some of the most vulnerable families have enough to eat. This support will provide an important bridge for families until more permanent infrastructure and support is in place.

The Canadian government is matching gifts dollar for dollar until November 28, and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is matching 4:1. This means your gift will go six times farther. Consider making a gift today!

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