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Welcome to the CHRIS REYNOLDS birthday fundraiser!!!

IPC Cares For Honduras

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CHRIS REYNOLDS is helping raise funds for the ongoing IPC Cares projects in Honduras through the celebration of his birthday this year. On top of supporting an initiative that is near to Chris' heart, you can also receive a charitable receipt for donating either by credit card or by writing a cheque payable to World Renew and writing IPC Cares fundcode 505800 on the memo line. We thank you for the support of the work that IPC Cares is doing in Honduras.

For the last two years IPC Cares has been partnering with Briones, Honduras (Chris has been on both trips to Briones, and several other trips to Honduras so if you want to know more about it, just ask him). Briones is a remote rural community in Honduras with about 35 homes (primarily made of dirt and mud) with a total of about 180 people of all ages.

The community of Briones - which is named after the first man to arrive in the area - is located west of a mountainous range and 17km (about a 3 hour walk) from the municipality of Olanchito in eastern Honduras. Access to the community is by a rough dirt road. Their main income source is agriculture related, but the community is still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

Before our first visit in November 2016, they did not have an adequate water system or latrines that worked properly. One of the highest priorities in Briones was to bring an adequate supply of clean water into the village. This project was started by the 2016 team and completed just prior to our arrival of our Nov 2017 team.

IPC Cares team was the first North American team to visit Briones and work through the World Renew organization between community leaders and our Honduran NGO partner ALFALIT.



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Happy Birthday Chris! Thank you for the amazing party. I'm glad we could attend. XO Steph & Troy