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Join Team Free A Family!

Help families and communities break free from poverty!

None of us exists in isolation. We are all part of families, churches, neighborhoods, and communities. We have an effect on those around us, and they have an effect on us.God calls us into these relationships to bring the fruits of His Spirit and the abundance of His grace. We work to change a family’s story from hunger and poverty to one of hope and a future.

That’s the idea behind World Renew’s Free A Family® program. 

World Renew works with families in communities, training men and women how to improve their lives and their neighbor’s lives for the long term. As communities get stronger, families become better able to meet their needs; everyone finds new hope for the future.
Join Team Free a Family and become a part of changing the futures of families in Asia, Africa, and Latin America!

This year a team will gather again at the Soldier Field 10 Mile on May 26th.

Join us, or participate in a local event, either as an individual, or by creating a new team, and
register here to fundraise!

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