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Timothy Leadership Training Assistants

(10-1-18 update: The financial goal has been increased from the earlier $3000 amount due to an increase in the number of TLT trainings planned for this year, and increasing the financial appreciation to the facilitators. These pastors are eager to train as much as possible, and there are more places wanting the training than we can handle! In addition to starting new groups, these pastors are helping me with my own TLT groups. I would be stuck without them!)

In my World Renew work in East Africa one of the most fulfilling activities is leading Timothy Leadership Training (TLT). It has been a fantastic privilege, especially to see the amazing things some of the pastors have accomplished in their communities and churches. You may have read some of their stories on our website (anthsara.blogspot.com). Many people came to know Christ, broken marriages were reconciled, trees were planted, streets were cleaned of litter, prisoners were visited, alcoholics gave up drinking, and churches put in place accountability measures for their finances. God has been at work through His people.

As World Renew seeks to start new TLT groups in many different regions of East Africa, there is an almost limitless amount of new opportunities for TLT in the region. I have been overseeing much of World Renew’s TLT work in East Africa including coaching trainers, starting new training groups, and helping trainers with reports. Because of the great amount of ministry opportunities, and my limited time, there is need for Ugandan pastors to take on more of the work I have been doing.

TLT is intended to be almost completely a volunteer ministry. Church leaders should go through the training and then start their own groups. This has started to happen in some areas and it is very exciting! However, while pastors can start new groups within their own region as volunteers, it is much more difficult for them to travel far from home because of the financial costs. Therefore we must raise funds to cover theses expenses. I will be helped by three pastors on a part-time basis as needs and opportunities arise. They will help me by:

• Coaching the TLT Coordination Teams that I have been starting in various areas.
• Facilitating TLT trainings in new locations.
• Visiting TLT participants to collect reports and testimonies.

These pastors will be helping me as volunteers because they love Jesus, his Church, and TLT. But your support will allow them to be compensated for expenses they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own. We will be paying for their transportation costs and accommodation as well as giving them a small stipend for each day they spend training.

The total expenses for these assistants will be on average $375 per month. We are beginning with a 1 year project plan (July 2018 - July 2019). Therefore we have a target of reaching $4500 which should adequately cover these expenses for 1 year. If all goes well, we can continue the arrangement after the first year is completed.

Sara and I are exceedingly grateful for the financial contributions that our partner churches and supporters have already given to us so that we can serve here in East Africa. Because I know the power of this TLT ministry and because I know it is your joy and privilege to partner with us, I ask that you please consider financially supporting this program. You could do so either through a one-time gift to help us reach this year’s goal, or through a regular monthly contribution. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers!

Rev. Anthony Sytsma
World Renew Global Associate in Soroti, Uganda



raised of $4,500 goal

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TLT is such an important tool in training Pastors God bless all of you who work so diligently using this tool. Garry and Harmene Sytsma
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The pastors will learn more as they teach it to others. Blessings on you.